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Whether you just got engaged, or you're hoping to get engaged, you're starting to envision your wedding day.  But the details of napkins and food are for the planners, you want to know what your dress, hair and MAKEUP will look like for your day!  

Whether It's your dream to look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast or maybe even Dita Von Teese, I can help you create that makeup look.

​​​​But let's be real.  Most brides just want to look like themselves for their day...just glammed up.  


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I have spent countless hours researching techniques, products, color theory, lighting, skin tones, face and eye shapes to compliment, enhance and conceal your best (or not so great) features.  

My goal is to make sure your makeup looks natural, stunning in person, pictures and videos!  Together, we will have your man and guests talking about your beauty for years to come. 

Groom's Services

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On-site application

Trial Run


Traditional Foundation

Airbrush Makeup

False Strip / Individual Lashes


If your guy is anything like mine, he is shaking in fear you will make him do this.  Take heart!  I will only do what you feel comfortable with.  All guys could use a little TLC.  Vin Diesel won't get on camera until he has his services...and body oil.  Plus, I can be your best friend if you forget gel.  

Men services include, moisturizer, eye depuffing, blemish conceal, shine control, lip exfoliation and balm, combing and taming of unruly facial hairs.

Bridal Services

Wedding Makeup Artist


"Lisa-Marie did my makeup for our family photo session. She found the perfect balance between high-glam and natural-beauty! I just sat back and trusted her to do her thing! My makeup photographed so beautifully, I felt confident and amazing. She's friendly, prompt and professional and highly recommend her services!"

                                   - Lisa,                                                                       Lisa Hammond Photography

"I would definitely recommend Lisamarie as a Make-up Stylist. She was professional, responsive, timely, and made me feel beautiful on my Wedding Day. She did the make-up for me and my bridal party and Mother at the hotel where we got ready for the wedding and she did a great job for everyone. Thank you!"

                                        - Jillian K.,                                                              September 2016 Bride

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"I am so happy with my decision to go with Lisamarie for my big day! She did an amazing job on my makeup and I truly felt beautiful on my wedding day. She was so incredibly sweet and nice to work with, responded quickly to emails, and very skilled. She made myself and my wedding party feel so comfortable and pretty on my wedding day. Thank you!"

                                             - Emily H.,                                                              August 2016 Bride


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