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I   AM                            AND                                   MADE


About the artist

I live in fuchsia lips.  I love brownies and bran muffins.  My husband is the most handsome, funniest guy he knows and my boys are the cutest. 

Bet that's not what you were hoping to read...

With a move guided by God from Texas to Nashville Tennessee, I ditched a "desk job", took up my altar ego as Marie and pursued my passion in makeup artistry.

While in Nashville, I gained experiences working from prom makeup to national commercial work. Although production is so much fun and cardio, there's something about bridal makeup that gives me goosebumps. Brides love to share their love story and I love to hear it!  If you need someone to cry at your ceremony, I'll be glad to stay.  

With 4 boys in the house, I need something to remind myself it's okay to be me, a girl who loves fashion and makeup. I started a passion for makeup after my first son was born. Nine years later, I'm sharing my passion with others! 

I work toward bringing out beauty that's more than skin deep. I want to see a sparkle in your eye when you look at yourself then say, "Yes! I am wonderfully made!" 

Makeup is a luxury. It's pampering, it's therapeutic and I love it!  AND I've been told I'm good at it.  It's work but it's the "If you didn't have to work, what would you do?" type of work, for me.  

Let's create a look you'll love and master the natural contour that everyone loves! Visit my contact tab or other social media platforms. Looking forward to meeting you!

​I'm available for makeup services in the Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas.

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​psalm 139:14

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